Carrot rice cookie

Carrot is a standard vegetable that is indispensable for handmade rice of my sweet dog umu.

It's been two years since I started eating carrots. I wonder if β-carotene's immunity has been improved. Until then, I was always suffering from dermatitis at the turn of the season, but now it's completely gone. It also has the function of protecting the skin and mucous membranes, and it is believed that carrots have become a key player in maintaining the health of the skin and preventing aging because the hair gloss has improved day by day and the amount of hair has increased.

Also, carrot oligosaccharides are effective for diarrhea, and Dr. Morrow's carrot soup is famous. It is also recommended for children who are prone to indigestion and children with weak gastrointestinal tract.

Carrots are packed with nutrients that are good for the body, but it is difficult for them to be absorbed in the body unless they are finely chopped. Carrot rice cookies use carrots in powder form, so their absorption capacity is high. Outstanding!!

There is no doubt that the sweet scent is outstanding among the iico cookies and you can grab the hearts of dogs. Why don't you try to build an even sweeter relationship with your beloved dog with carrot rice cookies?

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