Thoughts on gift wrapping

iico wants to cherish both the excitement when giving a gift and the excitement when receiving it, so not only the contents but also the package.
We have developed an original gift unique to iico with a focus on functionality and design.
On this page, we will introduce such commitments.
iicoReasons for sticking to cookie tins
iico is particular about selling in cookie tins as a perfect gift package.

Reason for commitment # 1
After all, the excitement of opening a can.
When I was little, I was really looking forward to opening the cookie tins that I received at the end of the year, and I can't forget that I was so excited that not only people but also dogs can enjoy the excitement. I think it is indispensable.

The second reason for sticking to it is the functionality of the can that I want to convey.
Cans have the most indispensable flavor and aroma for a hairy feast.
Moisture-proof, light-shielding, and airtight that are difficult to escape. Also, the can used this time is.Lightweight and compact size that is convenient to carry. It is a convenient size not only for use as a snack container as it is, but also for carrying medicines and candy balls.す

Reason for commitment # 3 I can't say this without sayingい!
High sustainability。
What is Sustainability? Being able to continue without losing functionality in the future Systems and processes.
The package that fits this perfectly is a can.
Some cans are called antique cans, and their lifespan is long and varies depending on the usage environment, but you can use them for a long time.
We have created a simple and modest dog-like design that is easy to use regardless of gender or age so that you can use it for a long time with attachment.

Commitment to wrapping
Even though it is a gift shop, iico.I want to be kind to the earth、I felt that disposable wrapping was a little different.
Therefore, we will propose something that is as simple as possible and that makes us happy.

The first is the cloth purse ii bag.Click here
This is a paid service。

And the other is to use Mokumen made from natural wood as a reusable packing cushioning material.
Mokumen is a cushioning material made of natural materials with high deodorant, antibacterial, insect repellent and antifungal effects and excellent safety.
After enjoying the unique scent of wood the moment you open the cardboard, it is also recommended to enjoy the relaxation of the scent as a sachet.
Mokumen is used when shipping all products with or without wrapping, so anyone can enjoy it.