About iico


Dog lovers call dogs many times in their lifetime.
WeIt ’s just a natural analogyIt doesn't matter if it's a child from another house.
And the called Iikos look up at the person with glittering eyes, shaking their tails with a little pride and happiness.
We love this sight.

Just imagining that such a name would spread to the world wouldn't stop the excitement. Shortly before kawaii became a common language in the world, Iiko dreamed that it would spread across the sea.”iico”.

ico is a small dog snack shop born for iico.


For the good guys

The world changed dramatically in 2020.
Everyday life that conventional wisdom does not apply Not only will you visit the family living with your dog, of course.

Even on a walk, wearing a mask is commonplace and avoid contact with people as much as possible every day.
stayMany people will have more time with their dogs as their home becomes more commonplace.
But you can only enjoy it during the holidaysThe everyday life of enjoying outings and trips with dogs is gone.

Life with dogs will be colorful in New Normal.
I think the happiness of the dog I want to help is when I'm eating delicious food and seeing the smiles of my family.
2020The state of emergency in the summer of this year was a turning point for iico to start, as an opportunity to review the way of life and way of thinking so far.

Teamed up with a younger sister who loves dogs, and started iico in July 2020.


Because snacks also make the body

Because dogs age many times faster than humans, I want to stick to what I eat that is kind to the body Let's make snacks using additive-free and low-allergen ingredients I got it to review the handmade rice of my dog umu Utilizing the knowledge of a pet registered dietitian, I narrowed down the vegetables I wanted to give in small amounts, although it was difficult to put in rice, and finished it as a snack.

As for the package design, my sister was engaged in interior design and my sister was engaged in apparel design.

 Spring 2021 Third State of Emergency Declaration Enforced.

Also people and dogsIt was decided to take another step to suppress the feeling of being warm and naturally wanting to go out.
I'm thinking every day that I can help people and dogs to release stress well. Useful for the world. Healthy dogs. Joy of living with dogs. Considering the environment. But I want to aim for a store that makes me feel happy.


Raw material selection criteria

  1. Allergen Ingredients Wheat flour Eggs Dairy products No corn, etc.
  2. Must be additive-free ingredients.
  3. Safe and secure.
  4. Good flavor and good taste.
  5. Items that can be procured in a stable manner.

Because it is something that you eat every day, it has benefits for your dog's health and you can eat it deliciously. Pursuing ease of use as a gift to.


Efforts for sustainability

Iico thinks that the background to dogs' happiness is that people are healthy and the earth must be beautiful. As a first step toward that end, iico is actively working on sustainability.

  • Providing healthy dog treats using additive-free ingredients供
  • Selection of environmentally friendly package wrapping
  • Proposal of sustainable items useful for living with dogs
  • Contributes to reducing food loss

A long-lasting package that you can use with attachment and a non-disposable gift wrappingAiming for。
To that end, first of all, I would like to continue making products that will make my life with dogs even more exciting and become everyone's favorite items by making things that I want to have.