Special feature"POPUP event"

This time when the world turns over in one day Tokyo is a state of emergency from tomorrowで、
I decided to cancel the POP UP event I was looking forward to。
I'm sorry to everyone who was looking forward to itん。

 Refraining from going out in this season when the weather is good for a walk is depressing and full of disappointment.が、

I just pray that the days will come when everyone can step on and spend their time calmly from the bottom of their hearts as soon as possible.す。

 The sun is getting stronger day by day, and I feel that there are only a few left to take a leisurely walk during the day.ろ。

Every day I think that dogs and people can help to release stress well.。

I wish I could hold a POP UP about once before it gets hot.。
In that case, I will let you know again.。

Apart from POPUP, I would like to plan something that will make you feel even a little more enjoyable.す。

Please wait until it takes shape.!
(4/24 update)

ico POPUP 2021.4.30 BONUS TRACKK


Iico's POP UP event, which is held irregularly, has already reached its third time this time.


At the POPUP event, we received various opinions and impressions, and with hairy dogs of various breeds and ages.
We have many encounters and experiences every time we can interact with each other.


It's an opportunity to meet you, so everyone who always patronizes you and your beloved dogs.
And I want to express my gratitude to everything that surrounds us。


With that feeling in mind, this POP UP has been raised since the time when ico started.”Make dogs, people, and the earth happy”To
We will prepare limited products unique to POP UP and product composition as the theme!


| POPUP handling menu|

  • Komatsuna rice cookie candy wrap
  • Komatsuna rice cookie refill bag
  • Carrot rice cookie refill bag
  • Venison jerky refill bag
  • Dry kiwi refill bag
  • POPUP limited set #Komatsuna venison 1 bag each
  • POPUP limited set #carrot venison 1 bag each
  • POPUP limited product Round can separately
  • SPECIAL can separately
  • iibag separately

*Cookie and jerky set sale is a little profitable!

*All cookies、Leaf type cookieIs mixed in the heart!


Leaf leaf motif

『Represents the revival of growth hope.

Lucky motif that fulfills your wishes.

If you give a leaf cookie as a gift while telling your wish in your heart

Maybe but maybe 

It's limited to POPUP, so please take this opportunity〜。






Friday, April 30, 2021 11:18 pm8時 


BONUS TRACK@bonustrack_skz
2-36-1215 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo5
4 minutes walk from Shimokitazawa Station on the Odakyu Line Keio Inokashira Line4分
4 minutes walk from Setagaya-Daita Station on the Odakyu Line分


A new town just born in Shimokitazawa in April 2020”

In addition to restaurants of various genres and bookstore record stores, there is also a gallery space and a shared kitchen.
It's a nice space to stop by as a walking path on a warm day, so please come and visit us.

◎This is the main facility in the outdoor area centered on the plaza and walking paths.

◎Please come with a perfect mask countermeasure.~。